Wichita Falls Area Daycares

We created this website to help you find available daycares in the Wichita Falls area and to explain the types of home daycares and centers. There are daycare centers and daycare homes. When it comes to daycare homes there are 3 categories you need to be aware of.

Daycare Homes

Licensed Home

A licensed home is at the top. A licensed home is inspected yearly to insure they meet state standards. Most are on a "food program" which means the meals they feed the children are also inspected to insure they are feeding nutritious meals. Because of the extra training required and the yearly inspections they can keep a max of 12 kids. They are also generally older and more experinced when it comes to taking care of children compated to "daycare ceneters" who generally hire young, low wage workers. We consider a "license home" daycare to be the TOP choice for quality care.

Registered Home

A registered home is only required to be inspected once every two years. Most are also on a "food program". A registered home can only keep a max of 6 kids. Don't let the two year inspections scare you away, there are some great registered homes out there. If they are a registered home, ask if they are on a "food program".

Listed Homes

Listed homes are NOT inspected at all and are probably not on a food program. They are only inspected if they are reported for alleged child abuse, neglect or keeping more than three kids. Listed homes can legally only care for 3 kids max because they are not inspected. We do not recommend "listed" homes at all because they are NOT inspected nor are the on a food program.

Daycare Centers

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are inspected yearly just like licensed homes. Most are on a food program. Daycare centers generally hire young, low wage workers to watch the kids in the center. This may not necessarily be a bad thing but for us it could be a bad thing. Your child will probably get more attention and better care at a home daycare. If you are looking into a daycare center just ask to meet the worker that will be caring for your child and be aware if the center has a high employee turnover rate.